Golden tips Tea

Golden Tips Tea

Golden tips tea is a very rare tea and has a high commercial value. This tea is more expensive compared to the teas currently available in the market. Often this tea is a very popular drink in five-star hotels and in European countries. Some people use this tea to show off their lifestyle.

silver tips and golden tips selling
silver tips and golden tips selling

Characteristics of Golden Tips

This tea is needle-shaped and golden in color. Golden tips tea in particular has a unique flavor and taste than ordinal teas.

Due to the pleasant taste and aroma of this tea, it can be easily consumed without the addition of sugar or milk. This will be the desire of many people who want to taste this tea. The shiny golden color of this tea will give a good appearance and it attracts a lot of people.

This tea does not have any bitterness as it is not oxidized like ordinary teas. But there is a bit more bitterness than silver tips tea.  If you add hot water to golden tips tea and it sinks to the bottom of your cup, you have a good quality golden tips tea.

How to Process Golden Tips

The tea buds/tips of a special variety of tea plants are used to make golden tips. The scientific name of the tea plant is Camellia sinensis, and a special variety is used to make this tea. The special tea plant that is often used to make this golden tips tea is known by different names in different countries.

The specialty of this particular variety is the presence of smooth hairs on the tip or bud. That particular smooth hair takes color in white when dried in sunlight. This golden tips making process is a very delicate and careful hand process.

The tips harvested from the field are dried by being exposed to the sunlight for a period of time. The duration of exposure to the sunlight depends on the amount of moisture removed from the tea buds, often depending on the manufacturer’s experience. The tips thus made turns white due to the very fine hairs mentioned above.

Many people do not know how to turn white tea into golden color. What is done here is to put the white tea into an extract obtained from ordinary tea for some time. This will coat a golden color to the surrounding area of white tea. The buds should be taken by exposing them to the sunlight for some.

Golden tips
Golden tips
Golden Tips Tea Plant
Golden Tips Tea Plant

How to Make a Tea Cup

Here we need to get more amount of golden tips than the amount of tea usually used to make a teacup. When making tea from golden tips, about 4g is enough to make a teacup.

This golden tips tea has to be brewed for a slightly longer period compared to ordinary teas. It is about 4-5 minutes. And it must be brewed with water temperature before the boiling point (75-80°C). Normally, Gold tips have a light liquor, and the infusion color is pale golden coppery.

Health Benefits of Golden Tips Tea

Drinking this tea can bring us many health benefits. Here we can discuss some special health benefits of golden tips.

The antioxidant in golden tips boosts your immune system. So you will be more able to fight against diseases. Also, the catechins, flavonoids, and polyphenol available in golden tips will prevent you from getting infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Like regular tea, by drinking this tea you will lose your body weight by boosting metabolism. It will help your unwanted waste materials from your body. Drinking this tea will give you energy to your body as well as caffeine will give you motivation.

Consuming this tea will improve your digestive system when you suffer from nausea or stomach cramps. This has a ability to be consumed without sugar so it is very good for your body health.  

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