Green Tea for Oral Health

Green Tea for Oral Health

Since ancient times, green tea has been prized as a traditional beverage for keeping the body and soul in good condition. In modern times, scientific studies have confirmed that many traditionally held beliefs about green tea are true.

Many people are very concerned about their oral health. Because oral health is one impact on our self-confidence. There are also cases where people often avoid facing society due to oral health problems. As well as some people in society spend a lot of money to maintain oral health.

Drinking green tea can increase the chances of improving your oral health. You will usually be able to achieve these benefits by drinking two cups of green tea twice a day. The effect of green tea on improving oral health is described below.

Green Tea for Oral Health

The Effect of Green Tea on Cavities

In China and Japan, it’s customary to require some tea after every meal, a habit that’s believed to take care of a healthy mouth.

The merits of this traditional method of medicine are being demonstrated in modern research that reveals is that some ways during which tea is friendly to the teeth. First and foremost, tea inhibits the expansion of S.mutans and other bacteria related to plaque.

Chinese dental researchers reported within the Chinese Journal of Stomatology (stomatology is that the study of dental health) that S.mutans growth was completely inhibited after just after five minutes of contact with sufficient concentrations of polyphenols from tea. And therefore a similar line of research has demonstrated that tea extracts prevent the cellular growth of S.mutans in laboratory dishes.

Green Tea Pot
Green Tea Pot

The Effects of Green Tea on Gum Disease

Nowadays many people suffer from gum disease. So drinking green tea may be a solution to that problem.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum, Common Symptoms are soft, red gum (that bleeds easily), and swollen. In many cases, gingivitis results from malpractices of oral health.

Gingivitis is mainly caused by the same bacterial plaque that causes tooth cavities. Therefore green tea is effective against the above bacteria. And also other bacteria which are specific to gingivitis are inhibited by drinking green tea. So drinking green will increase your oral health.

The Effects of Green Tea on Bad Breath 

This is one of the major problems with oral health in our society today. Many people have problems with their self-esteem due to bad breath. You will be surprised to know that this problem can be avoided by drinking green tea.

Plaque not only causes cavity and gum disease but is additionally the first explanation for bad breath. The odor of bad breath, or halitosis because it is technically called, comes from a mixture of bacteria, decomposing food, and decomposing tissue. Although bad breath has been blamed on many foods, like garlic, onions, and cheese, no food does quite temporarily increase preexisting bad breath caused by plaque. If plaque is removed daily through brushing and flossing, and decayed teeth are cleaned and repaired, most cases of bad breath are going to be alleviated. Rinsing the mouth with tea, or ever simply swishing a mouthful of tea around your mouth, can aid in the prevention and treatment of bad breath by dislodging accumulated bacteria and food particles and decreasing the quantity of plaque on the teeth.

Green Tea in Glass Pot

If your mouth and teeth are pain-free, that’s great, but the absence of pain doesn’t mean that your mouth and teeth are completely healthy. The event of any disease progresses along a continuum from health to severe illness. The first stages of dental disease are undetectable, but they’re the primary missteps on a path that results in cavity and gum disease. Good oral hygiene (brushing twice each day and flossing daily) and twice-yearly visits to a dentist for preventive care are crucial elements of an honest dental plan. Adding tea may be painless and attractive thanks to helping keep the mouth and teeth healthy.

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