Highland Coffee

Highland Coffee

Highland Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee brand that has gained popularity both locally and internationally. The brand was founded in 2000 by Mr. David Thai, a Vietnamese-American businessman who returned to Vietnam with the aim of developing a specialty coffee industry in his home country.

The company has since grown to become one of the most recognized coffee brands in Vietnam, with over 80 outlets across the country, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang. Highland Coffee also has outlets in other countries such as Cambodia, Korea, and Qatar.

One of the reasons for Highland Coffee’s success is its focus on quality. The company sources its coffee beans from various regions in Vietnam, including the Central Highlands, the northern mountains, and the Mekong Delta. These regions are known for their ideal coffee growing conditions, such as high altitude, fertile soil, and a favorable climate.

Highland Coffee’s beans are carefully selected, roasted, and blended to produce a range of unique flavors and aromas. The brand offers a wide selection of coffee, including single-origin coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and iced coffee. The company also offers non-coffee drinks, such as smoothies, teas, and fruit juices.

Another reason for Highland Coffee’s popularity is its cozy and inviting atmosphere. The company’s cafes are designed with a rustic and natural feel, using wood and other natural materials to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. The cafes also feature art and cultural displays, showcasing Vietnam’s rich history and traditions.

Apart from its commitment to quality and ambiance, Highland Coffee is also known for its social responsibility initiatives. The company works closely with local farmers, providing them with training and support to improve their coffee farming practices. Highland Coffee also supports various social and environmental causes, such as education, healthcare, and environmental protection.

Highland Coffee has become a beloved coffee brand in Vietnam and beyond, thanks to its dedication to quality, ambiance, and social responsibility. The brand’s success is a testament to the growing coffee culture in Vietnam and the increasing demand for high-quality coffee worldwide.

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