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How to Make Matcha Tea Powder

match tea powder

Match tea is one of the most popular drink in the world and one of the healthiest drink. So it important to know how to make matach tea. we get into how to make matcha powder tea, let’s take a look at what match is.

What is Match?

Matcha is green fine tea powder that is made from the leaves of the tea plant that used to produce ordinary tea .The scientific name of the tea plant is Camillia Sinensis.There are evidence that matcha tea was consumed by Buddhist monks in china about nine hundred years ago. Matcha tea is very popular in the world and widely consumed especially in Japan and East Asia. In the world match is used directly as a hot beverage and it is also used for bubble tea, bola tea, ice cream and as a cooking ingredient. In the past it was produced in the traditional way but now it is produced in commercial form. Matcha is available as a drink in many tea-based festivals around the world.

How to Make Matcha Tea Powder?

There are several main steps of producing matcha tea and leave of the traditional tea-making plant (Camellia Sinensis) used to make matcha. Tea plant is shade-loving plant then normally shade is provide during tea cultivation but in mactch production we should provide more shade than normal cultivation so that will be able increase the level of chlorophyll in the leaf. Increasing the chlorophyll level will give us the desired colour for final match powder.

The next step is plucking tea leaves. Mostly hand plucking method is used in tea leaves plucking because we can go for a selective plucking. Here immature tea leaves should be selected because of high percentage of chemical compounds present in the immature leaves. Selecting immature tea leaves will be reduced the fiber content in the final production and that will enhance the quality of final matcha tea.

Next steaming process is carried out. After about an hour, the plucked tender leaves are exposed to steam until become rubbery stage. In this step, steaming will deactivate the enzyme called polyphenol oxidase in the tea leaves after completely inhibiting the fermentation process. By inhibiting the fermentation process, it is possible to retain the green colour of the final product of match.

Drying is the next process is to dry the steamed tea leave, for this mainly use tea drying machine. The moisture content of the dried tea leaves coming out trough tis drying machine should be kept generally at about three precent. This will reduce the damage caused by microorganisms.

The final step is grinding and separating the grinded powder into several grades. Here meshes will used to separate the grades and these grades separated according to the market demand. This the way how make matcha tea powder.

Benefits of matcha tea powder

Reduce the risk of cancers

There many health benefit of  matcha tea powder. Many natural polyphenol antioxidants known as Catechins will be reduced the oxidative damage to cells and reduce risk of developing a cancer.According to the National Cancer Institute, Catechins in matcha tea has high level ability to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the human body. 

Matcha Burns Calories (Support Weight Loss)

Compared to the other food matcha tea contains more antioxidants and caffeine. It works together antioxidants and caffeine boost your body daily metabolism. That will burn your unwanted fat in your body and gives you a slimmer body. However ,it is not advisable to drink more than two or three cups of matcha tea per day.

Matcha gives Calmness

L-theanine is an amino acid unique to tea and it is also found in the match tea. L-theanine will work to calm your emotions and reduce the mental stress then gives you calmness after having matcha tea.

Matcha Improve Your Oral Health

About 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria activities in our mouth. The amino acid containing in the match tea will breakdown the bacteria in the mouth and reduce bad breath. Experiments have shown that regular consumption of matcha tea will give strong and healthy teeth.  

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