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What is Organic Tea

With the development of the world , many people are turning to drink organic tea. let’s see what is organic tea. Organic tea is produce without the use of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides and herbicides. Only organic manure is used as fertilizer. An internationally recognized organic certificate must be obtained after the testing and it must be maintained up to date. Organic tea leaves should not be mixed with other conventional tea leaves in the manufacturing process at the factory.

Can be cultivated

Yes you can. Regulating the pH of the soil. Many things can be done to neutralize toxins, increase soil carbon content, improve microbial activity, increase water retention capacity, and thereby reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers applied to the soil.

Is it possible to do commercial cultivation?

This is where the problem occurred . Commercial cultivation takes into account many factors such as high yield, yield quality, durability, weight, appearance, and return on investment (COP). This is why high quality planting material is used. That is hybrid seeds. Compared to tea cultivation, V.P. That’s what goes into tea. Thus, these commercially grown crops are very sensitive to nutrients or fertilizers. Accordingly, these fertilizers have been developed after years of research focusing on the growth of the respective parts of the plant for each crop stage of the crop.

As an example This fertilizer is produced for the early growth of the young and then for the growth of stems / branches / skeleton etc. and then for the growth of harvest fruits / flowers / leaves or leaves.

Is it possible to make organic fertilizer like this?

Such NPK ratios in organic fertilizers cannot be adjusted exactly. But raw materials such as phosphor can give some amount of phosphorus from potassium and ERP. But then can this be called organic fertilizer? There is a problem because ERPs are high in cadmium. However it is possible to make a super compost with NPK rates but it costs a lot and takes a lot of time. The ratio can vary from stock to stock so you need to check regularly. However, organic fertilizers have not been developed in the world to target the growth stage of the crop and to obtain the yield and dividends from chemical fertilizers. If we do that, the developed countries will get rid of chemical fertilizers.

Major issues to face in the future

The most agricultural countries in the world use the highest quality chemical fertilizers. These should be applied sparingly, with minimal residue and minimal damage to the soil. The properties of organic fertilizers as shown in the first point.

Decreased yields, declining product quality, deteriorating export quality and the collapse of the export market. Further reduction of yield and increase of post-harvest damage through the use of local seeds or planting material. (Here more attention is paid to post-harvest damage by hybrid seeds.)
Eventually the number of starving people will increase day by day and they will have to bring in more toxic chemicals and genetically modified foods (GM Foods) to feed them.

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