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Side Effects of Matcha Tea

In brief match is green colour tea powder which is manufacture from leave of tea plant. If you want know more about production matcha tea read article “How to Make Matcha Tea Powder”.

You already have a good understanding of the benefits of drinking matcha tea. And also, you may drink two or three cups of match per day and spend the day very efficiently. But drinking excess amount of powerful matcha tea can have adverts consequences for you. Today we will discuss about, side effects of macha tea.

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Upset stomach

If you drink matcha tea on an empty stomach, which will be caused to stomach irritation. Match tea contains a certain amount of tannins and it has ability to increase the amount of acid in your stomach.

Other excess acid will lead to adverse effects such as digestive issues, nausea and acid reflux. To avoid this problem, you can start the day with a cup black tea in order to match tea and drink match tea after a meal as much as possible. And also do not make tea form too hot water.


Match tea contains high levels of caffeine, which can cause headaches in some people. A person suffering from migraine can drink cup of match tea occasionally if he want to drink. If you having regular headache due to drinking tea. That means, you are sensitive the caffeine in matcha tea so avoid the drinking tea.


Because of drinking match tea after meals, the caffeine in tea bonds to iron and prevents it from being absorbed. Therefore, drinking too much tea for a long time there is potential to lead iron-deficiency anamia. Studies have shown that drinking more than eight cups of tea per day is no that much good.

Iron is a very important component of red blood cell which transports the oxygen throughout our body. Having anemia can cause us lot of problems. But drinking two or three cup of match tea in general does not seem to have a significant risk of developing anemia.

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Match tea contains high level of caffeine therefore drinking too much tea or drinking tea just before sleep, will make it difficult to obtain restful sleep. Insomnia can cause you to losr the ability to work efficiently the next day. Therefore, food high in caffeine should not be taken as breakfast or pregnant mothers


We all know two major benefits of match tea are that it improves the metabolism and delay absorption. This is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Even so impaired fat absorption can lead to have unpleasant consequences.

Thus, if this fat is not used by cell or not storing, fat must be removed from the body from other way. Undigested fat travel through the digestive system and excreted as stools. Diarrhea occurs because these fats are not bound as stools. Caffeine in match tea can also aggravate the condition. If you already have this condition, you should reduce your tea consumption or increase your fiber containing food intake.


Drinking too much matcha tea can cause nausea and vomiting. That’ because matcha tea contains a certain amount of tannins, that is a bitter-tasting, organic substance. Tannins is a chemical compound and that belongs to a large group called polyphenols. Even if you a regular tea drinker, it is not advisable to drink more than four to five cups of tea per day.  However, if you drink less than the above amount of tea per day, you will not have any problems.

Bleeding Disorders

This is probably a very rare case. Matcha tea can trigger bleeding disorders. Certain compounds in matcha tea reduce the amounts of protein called fibrinogen which causes blood clots. Matcha tea inhibits the oxidation of fatty acids, which also can cause to thinner blood consistency. If you have any blood clotting problem, avoid drinking matcha tea.

Risks for Pregnancy

Caffeine, tannins and tea catechins in matcha tea increase the risk during the pregnancy to some extent. Many experts say that drinking one cup of match tea per day is safe during breastfeeding or pregnancy.

Liver Disease

Drinking too matcha green tea can damage your liver. Many experts believe that excessive consumption of matcha tea causes stress the liver due to its caffeine content. It is better to consume three to four cups of matcha tea per day to prevent such side effects.

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